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September 9, 2016

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2016 Recap

For those of you that aren’t aware, Philadelphia has been home to the Philly Fashion Week for over 10 years now.  It’s truly an honor for Philly to host such a prestigious and festive event each year, and it brings out some of the best in the city (while also bringing in some of the best from around the world).

The 2016 Philly Fashion Week wrapped up at the end of September, and we are here to give a quick recap of some of the happenings:

White Trench Coat

One of the more memorable outfits, a full white trench coat at Philly Fashion Week 2016.

Big Name Designers Make Their “Marc”

The event was blessed with some of the biggest names in Fashion.  Our favorite was Marc Jacobs, whos creativity can be seen bleeding through every one of his efforts.  Its good to know that even after achieving some widespread notability (including unlocking the achievement of being mentioned in hip hop songs galore), the Jacobs sill maintains the original sense of the fashion frontier that made him so popular from the beginning.

Also notable is the featuring of Mah-Jing Wong, the Philadelphia designer currently competing on Project Runway.

Major Retailers to Partake in the Festivities

There are major retailers that are going to partake in the festival, giving attendees the opportunity to browse, try on and purchase some of the fashion they see exhibited in the show.  Some of the notables include Macy’s, Anne Fontaine, C.G. Newman and Nicole Miller.

If you are interested in seeing what the week had to offer, but couldn’t make it to the runways or the main showing, this a perfect way to get your hands on some of the goods.  Everything from the best new trench coats for women, to fashionable boxers for men, even the more experimental of the fashion trends, can all be browsed at the participating retailers.

Fashion Incubator Brings Aspiring Artists into the Fold

One other aspect of note is the fact that the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, a project started to nurture the blossoming fashion community and aspiring designers, was able to provide many designers with floor space during the festival.  In fact, “the week ended with back-to-back runway shows of 28 emerging designers, mostly from Philadelphia” (Philly.com).

Overall the event was a blast, and it bodes well for the continuing of the event for years to come.  This was the 11th year, and we see many more to come.