How to Stay Fit While Travelling

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August 10, 2017
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How to Stay Fit While Travelling

It may be time consuming to think that you can lose weight or stay fit while travelling. You become tired, jet lagged—exploring tourist sites will certainly make you indulge in food along the way and staying to a regimen may bring some reluctance especially if you are not used to working out outside your comfort space. Perhaps now is the time to shift on a different mindset and take advantage of this freedom to sort out creative ways on how to keep fit. Being in a different town or country leads you to be more resourceful and try out different things that you wouldn’t do when working out in a gym.

Exercise and fitness goes hand-in-hand because it uses physical activity by keeping the human body healthy and chemically balanced. Referring to physical activities, they encompass any form of movement that burns calories. This definition, therefore, stretches what a person can do with regards to physical fitness. Exercises can range from moving your own body weight (at your own accord) or moving your body with a help of a machine or person (combative/contact sports). Exercise while travelling doesn’t limit you within the comforts of the gym so in a way, this makes gives you the freedom to try physical activities that go along with your adventures. Outdoor activities can be a productive but informal (when we mean informal, we mean fun) way of counting the calories that you lost while not needing gym. You will need a little bit of improvisation and creativity.

Regular exercise is no way an equivalent to mandatory gym sessions. The great thing about travelling is that you need a perfect excuse to explore and quench your wanderlust and—keeping fit could be the best excuse that you can give. A new country launches a platform of trying new things and new activities and let’s start with having no gym and none of the comforts that allow you to diet “properly”. Let’s say you encounter the following circumstances. Try our solutions in efficiently travelling fit:

Problem: Lack of amenities. No access to equipment that could aid you in the regimen that you are used to. You probably have that mindset that “I should do it exactly as I should”

Solution: Try something new. Whether the trip is one for business or pleasure, seek the thrill of local transportation by going through different locations. Arrange for ski lessons or bungee jumping if you have a fear of heights or maybe do some horseback riding, mountain climbing and local sports. Make the most of your environment that you haven’t got at home.

Problem: No exercise-friendly attire – for the fashionistas out there who like dressing up while working out—yes, there are no wrist wraps for lifting 10 dumbbells or great powerlifting clothing that you can take a selfie with after taking a picture beside the treadmill.

Solution: You don’t necessarily have to be in full force wardrobe to get the job done. If you are into running, a t-shirt, shorts and rubber shoes will do. This attire can also cover several sports like badminton or even rock climbing. For water sports, bring your own swimsuit or buy/rent those available.

Problem: Diet – this can be an option. Because you are in a foreign place, your type of healthy food might not be available in the first place and making your own food is out of the question.

Solution: Most street food have vegetables, vegetarian and vegan menus available. If you are loading on a physically fit itinerary, diet is irrelevant because you will burn them anyway. Not that the whole voyage itself won’t make you lose weight.