How To Find The Best Last Minute Travel Deals

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July 14, 2017
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October 18, 2017

How To Find The Best Last Minute Travel Deals

Planning a much-needed vacation on such short notice? We’ve got you covered! We’re sharing our top 4 secrets on how to score the best travel deals for an exciting holiday. Plus, we’re going to reveal exciting Disney World secrets and explore the top Disney World moderate resort.

Secret # 1: Transportation Technique

Transportation probably gets the second biggest chunk of anyone’s vacation budget. If you are taking the plane, check the prices of the flights in all airports around your area because sometimes rates are lower at certain airports. Be ready to get flexible as much as possible because the day before or after your preferred date might have cheaper rates. Also, consider flying on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Airfares are usually at peak on popular departure dates like weekends and national holidays. It also gets so busy on these days, so I suggest you fly mid-week.

Of course, do not forget to check promotional fares. Airlines, especially budget airlines, usually post them on their websites so make sure to try checking different air companies for the available ongoing promos. And hurry! These run out fast.

You can also check discount sites like Momondo, FareCompare, and HipMunkfor price comparisons and available cheap fares. Of course a secret to travel is also not getting a ticket while on your trip, although if you do we recommend one of the best Springfield, MO traffic ticket lawyers out there which is MRD Lawyers, but alas, don’t speed and you’ll be good. 

Secret # 2: Off-Peak Travel

Traveling during the off-season is very advantageous. Tickets are cheaper, and a lot of promotional deals are up for grabs. Also, accommodations are more affordable and easily available, and the place is most probably not crowded. This, of course, doesn’t mean you go to Mount Everest during winter or monsoon season. You just pick out travel dates that are not the usual vacation days of most people. Like long weekends and national holidays. I swear, you’ll be surprised by the huge margin of difference in prices.

Now here’s one interesting Disney World secret. Sssh. Disney World’s rates constantly fluctuate depending on the season. Peak seasons include Christmas time, Thanksgiving week and summer. Off-peak seasons, otherwise termed as Value Season in WDW, are during the months of January through February, Mid-August through September and sometimes a few weeks around April and May. During these months, lines are shorter, and rates are cheaper, especially for 1-day passes wherein you can save around $5 to $19.

Secret # 3: Accommodation Acclimation

If you don’t mind the scene you get when you peek out the window, or if you have an itinerary that’ll cost you an entire day out, skip the fancy view and book a room with a parking lot view or even no view at all. Room rates depend not only on the type of room you’re in and the amenities available to you but also on the view you’re getting outside, the grander, the pricier.

For Walt Disney World resorts and theme park, they bear the most amazing attractions to revel in so I guess you won’t be staying inside the room all day anyway.

Secret # 4: Utilize Discounts

Take advantage of affiliation and membership discounts. If you have coupons or GCs, now’s the perfect time to use them.

For Disney World vacationers, take note that Florida residents, AAA members, U.S. military personnel and Walt Disney World cast members have discounts all year round. For a list of discount codes, check or visit for special offers, deals, and discounts. Bear in mind that these specials and deals are of limited time and quantity so hustle!

Disney World is probably one of the most coveted vacation spots of all time. Aside from its theme park, WDW houses several resorts that are categorized as Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. Most families opt for the moderate resorts because of the perfect blend of amenities and affordability, the more varied dining menus and the occasional promos available that give them rates as low as the ones in value resorts! There are 5 Disney World Moderate Resorts: Caribbean Beach Resort with a beach theme, Coronado Springs Resort with a Mexican, Spanish and Southwestern theme altogether, The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort with a nature theme, Port Orleans Resort – Riverside with an Old South theme and Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter with a New Orleans vibe. All these resorts have top notch theming and facilities, and each of us may have personal preferences, but for us, the top Disney World moderate resort has got to be Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside. Do check Disney World’s official website for more information.

One of the more popular things that people have been doing is having their weddings at Disney World. Now this is obviously a pricey affair but you can save a little money on this special occasion by getting your tuxedos and other things arranged ahead of time where you live. We also recommend the best Dallas, Texas tuxedo rental and the best Houston, TX tuxedo rental places if you are traveling from these areas as they will accommodate the travel of the items and you will save some money compared to renting them straight from Disney.